from: Florine

New Pants Project Presents

a prescriptive poetry project

To cure what ails

Our submissions to receive a letter are closed. Please look for a follow-up e-mail from the
New Pants Project for further details and steps. If you have any questions or
have not received your letter from Florine, please reach out to us through e-mail. 
We can't wait to see what Florine has sent you, and what you have created in turn. 


A reminder to please submit in a PDF, .doc(x), .jpeg, or [.mp4] filetype, and (if possible) keep video submissions to 1 minute or less.

Submissions for the Second Stage are due August 10th 


from: Florine

{a short film}


 How The Light Lies (On You)

{a trailer}

Answer Florine

Please click the icon below to reach us through e-mail and to submit your responses to Florine. 


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